Chalk It Up

Industry | Packaging Design

Chalk It Up came was born because of an unpleasant experience I had while purchasing a box of chalkboard chalk from Staples. By the time I got home, all the sticks were shattered, and they were extremely hard to take out of the package. After this experience, I figured there was an opportunity to create a unique and interactive package design to make buying chalk a different experience for mothers and teachers.

This new box is different because it encourages the user to interact with it by drawing tiny works of art on the chalkboard material it's made of. Since the box has a secondary use, it also makes it much more sustainable. The chalk is placed individually within a triangular prism, which prevents the chalk from breaking easily when dropped or shipped, unlike any other chalk packaging.

This package design was featured on numerous Design Blogs such as The DielineStudent ShowcasePackaging of the World, and Trend Hunter.