Hello there!

I am a group art supervisor with over six years experience working in consumer and healthcare advertising. I am currently living and working in NYC, pursuing my passion for creative direction and conceptual design. I love story telling & creating compelling visuals and experiences for brands. When I am not at work, I am either traveling, dancing (hip hop & contemporary), or working on my side gig @curatedbycards, which is a passion project born from my insanely large business card collection. More about me below!

Born & Raised: Norwalk, CT
Currently Living: East Village, NYC (five floor walk-up, no bathroom sink #classic)
Favorite Food: Cereal & fish tacos
Favorite Cocktail: Extra Dirty Martini, 3 Olives
Favorite TV Show: Black Mirror, The Leftovers, Westworld, LOST, 3%
Favorite Movie: Drive (the soundtrack is out of this world)
Favorite Designer: Sagemeister & Walsh
Favorite Artists: Peter Max, Yayoi Kusama, Sol LeWitt & Richard Serra
Siblings: Gillian, my younger sister who people mistake as my twin
Parents: Mom's an Artist and art teacher, and Dad's a video engineer


Mist Twist
Conde Nast
Johnson & Johnson
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Theravance Biopharma


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